The safety sides can be operated intuitively by the care staff and lowered with only one hand. The side supports will then go down with a soft movement. If the MultiFlex+- safety sides are pulled up at both the head and the foot section, they offer the same safety as full length safety sides. In addition, the individual segments and the guide ducts facilitate the simple and protected use of drainage tubes.

The compact design of the safety sides makes the bed appear slim. Moreover, this provides an additional protection against damage for the sides of the bed when it is moved.

The large height adjustment range of the mattress base helps patients to leave the bed at an individually set height. At the same time, the height adjustment enables back-friendly working for daily care (large figure on the left). In addition, the bed supports the prevention of falls in its lowest position.

The mobilisation of the patient starts with straightening up into a seating position.

The fast mobilisation of patients becomes ever more important. The MultiFlex+- safety sides offer a mobilisation support at the centre of the bed.

The ergonomically shaped support helps patients to sit up independently and gives them even more safety.

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