The quality of the hospital bed becomes also apparent when the required maintenance activities are carried out. This is why we positioned all sensitive and electronic components of the Puro in such a way that they are especially protected and still highly accessible. As a result, the Puro is particularly easy to maintain and service.

The control unit and battery are arranged under a cover underneath the head end of the mattress base.

However, to prevent unnecessary failures right from the start, the Puro is designed in such a way that it offers an all around protection for the hectic daily routine. For example, the deflection cone helps the bed avoid unexpected edges and corners.

Whereas the universal wall deflection roller acts as a protection in both horizontal and vertical direction.

Consequently, necessary maintenance and repair activities can be performed conveniently in just a few steps. For a smooth maintenance process and a quick error analysis, the LCD handset offers an own operation level for in-house and service technicians.

Should the handset need to be exchanged, it can be replaced through the easily accessible plug in an uncomplicated manner.

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